Press & Reviews for Until the Last Star Fades

UNTIL THE LAST STAR FADES “is a delightful contemporary romance novel…Readers will need to wait patiently for that friendship to transition to steamy love. But there are plenty of distractions, both humorous (e.g., Erika Kobayashi’s bachelorette party with male dancers) and serious (Riley’s high-functional depression, Ben’s dyslexia, Maggie’s cancer), to keep a twisty [story] moving quickly. [Middleton’s] prose is smooth, carried primarily by fast-moving dialogue, musical references and some colloquial lingo…A good mix of poignancy and sexy fun, with two well-developed protagonists.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Hot new material with Hollywood appeal.” UNTIL THE LAST STAR FADES was featured in The Hollywood Reporter’s rights available column as their pick to be made into a TV series or movie. November 14, 2018 issue.

After a long workday or a week spent in the office, there’s nothing better than settling into a comfortable spot with a warm drink and a great new book. If you’re looking for a fiction story to relax with this fall, these are the must-read new releases by women that we think you’ll love.”

– Los Angeles Times

Sometimes, you run across a book with characters that you just can’t get out of your head. Characters that feel so real to the point that finishing the story physically hurts. Until the Last Star Fades by Jacquelyn Middleton is one of these books…there isn’t a single aspect of this novel that I didn’t fall head-over-heels for.

When I finally put this book down, I felt as if I, myself, had loved and lost. I had both gotten to know Riley and Ben so intimately and fallen in love with Ben through Riley’s eyes that it was really difficult for me to transition back into my own life. The heartache and longing that comes with finishing Until the Last Star Fades is a testament to Middleton’s brilliant writing and characterizations.”
– Hypable

UPDATE DEC 2018: Hypable name ‘Until The Last Star Fades’ as one of the best books of 2018!

– NBC NEWS, Shopping Guide

– USA TODAY, Happy Ever After Column

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– WorkingMother, Most Anticipated Books for the Winter

“It’s like a public library, but on the New York Subway! We go out and leave some of our favorite books on the New York subway. There are new books every day, and they’re there to be taken, read, shared, and most importantly, enjoyed! We want everyone to get involved and fall in love with reading again and we want to make the subway a more friendly and enjoyable experience.

So, if you find a book from us on the subway, feel free to pick it up and take it home with you, but when you’re done, be sure to put it back on the subway for someone else to enjoy.”
– BooksOnTheSubway Instagram

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Featured by actress Katherine Heigl (Grey’s AnatomySuitsKnocked Up) in a book unboxing on her Heavenly Days lifestyle website as well as in her post about ‘favourite books to spend a weekend with.’

Press & Reviews for London, Can You Wait?

2018 Independent Publisher Book Awards – Gold Medal Winner: Romance

In April 2018, LONDON, CAN YOU WAIT? won the gold medal for romance at the Independent Publishers Book Awards. Jacquelyn attended the award ceremony in New York City in May 2018.

– Independent Book Publisher Awards

“…Middleton has mastered chick lit. While the plot is driven by Alex’s love life, her career and personal growth (particularly her mental health) feature just as prominently. Alex’s friends—her fiery “bezzie mate,” Lucy; the ever exuberant Freddie; and his stylish fiance, Simon—are fully fleshed out, with arcs of their own. The settings are vibrant and detailed, giving an accurate snapshot of life in cities like London, Dublin, and New York, complete with nods to the theater scene and fandom culture. The narration is well-crafted, full of seemingly innocuous tidbits that later become significant, raunchy banter between friends, and the kind of sweet nothings that hopeless romantics die for. In the end, it’s ultimately quite rewarding to see Alex come into her own, with or without Mark by her side.

A winner for romance and chick lit fans as well as Anglophiles and geeks.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“London, Can You Wait?, the second book in Middleton’s London Belongs to Me series, is just as delightful as the first novel in the series. Protagonist Alex Sinclair is as funny, wonderful and real as ever, with relatable issues that almost any reader can see in their own life. In addition, Middleton is an expert author who includes small details that may seem unimportant, but hold significance later on. There’s also great dialogue between characters that is as natural as genuine conversation and the kind of moments that make chick lit books addicting — like sweet moments of love and passion between Alex and her man, Mark. It’s a fantastic and truly wonderful page-turning read. TOP PICK! 4.5/5.”
– RT Book Reviews

“Perfect for fans of “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” this novel follows the lives of one young couple in London. When fame threatens to break the bond between Alex and Mark, the two career-driven lovers must decide what is worth fighting for and what is better left in the past.”
– Today Show, 18 Books To Make Last-Minute Shopping A Breeze!

20 Books By Women Writers You Have To Read This Fall !
– RedBook

“Whether you’re traveling near, far, to loved ones, or to new majestic locations, use all that travel time to get inspired for the big adventures and new experiences ahead. Load up your carry-on (or your Kindle!) with these travel-ready reads and embrace your wandered spirit!”
– PopSugar, 8 Books To Read On the Plane To Inspire Your Journey

Recent Londoner Alex Sinclair appears to have the perfect life. She has her ideal career, great friends and a dashing actor boyfriend, Mark Keegan. When Mark lands a role on a hit British TV show, the couple starts to drift apart, and the pull on her relationship and career-related stress become a little too much for Alex. This compelling sequel to London Belongs To Me will have readers hanging onto every word.”
– BuzzFeed, 5 Books For The Hopeless Romantic

Jacquelyn Middleton’s London, Can You Wait?, the sequel to London Belongs to Me, will both break your heart and make it swell. Sometimes in rapid succession, sometimes at the same time. And you 1000% should pick it up and read it!”
– Hypable

Interview with author, Jacquelyn Middleton, Nov 30, 2017
– USA TODAY, Happy Ever After Column

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“A passionate, witty pageturner. Middleton has written a delightful and worldly novel with interesting characters and romantic twists and turns.”
– Renée Carlino, USA TODAY best selling author of Wish You Were HereBefore We Were StrangersAfter The Rain, and more.

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Press & Reviews for London Belongs To Me

“Middleton’s novel is a love letter to London …even the most skeptical or cynical readers will surrender to the many delights of this compelling narrative. Prepare to be seduced by engaging characters, irresistible in their own quirky way, and transported by keen descriptions of the sights, sounds, and tastes of London.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“Middleton’s novel is everything a chick-lit story should be. The heroine is so well-developed—with her quirks, nuances, and relatability … and Middleton’s writing style helps the story flow beautifully and freely … This novel comes with our highest recommendations because it truly makes for a perfect read by the fireplace on a cold winter day. Top pick! 4.5/5 stars”
– RT Book Reviews

“The trustworthy lovers of Bridget [Jones’s] single girl, younger days in London are going to adore London Belongs to Me, the coming-of-age story of a girl (who could be Bridget’s younger American cousin!) coming to London to find love and adventure.”
– Redbook Magazine, 15 Fall Books You Should Read Based on Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies

“Wow, folks, this new London-based novel will send your heart swooning. A stunning portrait of modern London life, with unputdownable prose, this [debut novel] belongs on every Anglophile’s bookshelf.”
– PopSugar, 15 Books to Pair with Your Favorite TV Shows & Movies

“Pack your bags and wave hello to the Queen with this page-turning journey across the pond!”
– Buzzfeed, 5 Books for the Wanderlust Reader

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– Parade

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“London Belongs to Me” – A Conversation with Jacquelyn Middleton
– Huffington Post

“5 Fun Reads for Girls Who Love London”
– Huffington Post

READ ALL ABOUT IT! 8 Books To Read Before Visiting London
– London Perfect

“London Belongs to Me is a delight. A sweet, nostalgic debut that will transport readers to those first heady days of being on one’s own in the great wide world.”
– Andrea Dunlop, author of Losing the Light

“Any Anglophile will relate to heroine Alex’s love of the Big Smoke—even when it’s not so kind to her. But while navigating the city and the theatre district, Alex is also navigating her first foray into new adulthood, and with that we get an emotive love letter to London that you’ll never want to end.”
– Nicole Trilivas, author of Girls Who Travel.

“If you’ve ever had a dream and struggled to break into your field (especially the arts) you can relate to Alex trying to make it as a playwright. Middleton also explores Alex’s struggles with anxiety attacks, which I appreciated as I think addressing mental health issues in fiction is so important, not just portraying people with ‘perfect lives.’ And my geeky side loved the references to SherlockHarry Potter, and other fandoms. I’m looking forward to the sequel!”
– Kristin Contino, author of The Legacy Of Us

BookTubers Reviews for “London Belongs To Me”

 Dana Vlahos, Nov 30, 2016
(‘TheBookHoarder’ YouTube Channel)

 Regan Perusse, Dec 6, 2016
(‘PeruseProject’ YouTube Channel)

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(‘Tashapolis’ YouTube Channel)