Writing Processes, Romance, Pop Culture & More!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen the super cute customized pencils I ordered for my SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE gift boxes. I actually ordered two different designs: the first with my book’s tag like WILL HER FLING BECOME HIS FOREVER? along with the title SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE, and the second set was a special Spice Girls’ lyric commission because Leia in Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye is a faithful follower of Girl Power and the Spice Girls (and like me, has seen the Spice Girls in concert twice including a gig in London – as per my ticket stub below).

Well, Kasee from Longhand Pencils and I got chatting and she asked me to participate in an author Q&A on her website and you can read the end result here. We talk all about writing processes, inspiration, celebrating fellow authors, and pop culture. It was a lot of fun. Thanks, Kasee!