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Hey, guys! Spring has been BUSY! I must apologize for disappearing for a bit over here and the lack of blog posts, but it was for a very good reason: London, Can You Wait. Yep, the follow-up to London Belongs to Me is on track for its publication this fall (exact date will be announced very soon).

Write, write, writing like mad

I had to complete the first draft, then do a ton of re-writes to make it just so, and now here we are, mid-June, and LCYW is safely in the hands of several beta readers. So far, the feedback has been breathlessly positive! Phew! The first reader to finish, wrote: “LCYW is gazillion times more fabulous than LBTM…I loved LBTM, but THIS…it’s just amazing.” So, fingers crossed, everyone else will enjoy LCYW, too.

Once notes are in from the betas, I’ll make any changes I feel necessary, and then send LCYW off to my editor. The plan is to have ARCs ready and in my hands by late August. I’m off to London at the end of August, so I’d like to have a copy or two with me for photo opportunities, like this one with London Belongs to Me! Here it is! Getting its moment in the spotlight with Tower Bridge. (photo by Renate)

Cover me

The London, Can You Wait cover is done, and a reveal on Instagram will be happening soon. I’m really happy with it. It compliments London Belongs to Me so well. I posted a teaser on FB and Instagram a week or so back (below). I know! You really can’t see much of anything…but that’s what teasers are for! But you can see the colour palate is similar to LBTM. And hey, any excuse to show off the ‘Alex’ Paddington Bear keychain, and a few book-related pins (hey, suffragettes, and Manchester)! I can’t wait to show you the entire cover!

We have winners!

There have been a bunch of giveaways lately, both through my mailing list and on Instagram. Kirkwall Books has been working with several Bookstagrammers to give away signed copies of LBTM, and there will be a few more of these giveaways coming up. As for my mailing list contests, here are the most recent winners:


Mariana from Mexico
Leigh from the Philippines
Claire from Northern Ireland
Catalina from Columbia
Mandy from the U.S.

Won London-themed bookmarks, and pens and pins from the National Theatre, workplace of Alex and Mark in LBTM


Hala from Morocco
Brenna from the U.S.

Won a pretty 17-month planner from Indigo and a set of those magnetic Tube page markers everyone seems to love!

Thanks to everyone who entered. If you haven’t signed up to my mailing list, it’s not too late. Just visit the sign-up box on my homepage and you’ll be all set for my next mailing list giveaway.

So, until the next update…take care, and enjoy the summer!

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