Party Prep—London, Can You Wait? Style

“Do you think we need anything else for the gift bags?”

I keep asking my husband that question and every time, he looks at me like I’m crazy. I can’t help it. I want everyone coming to the London, Can You Wait? book launch party tonight to enjoy the evening. I know they’ll have a drink or two, eat a bunch of yummy foods (bite size fish ‘n’ chips!), but I also want their gift bags to be special, too. These bags contain British and US treats that are beloved by the Alex, Mark, Freddie, Lucy et al in London, Can You Wait? (as well as London Belongs to Me). Gift bags have to be special, right? Remember the loot bags you’d bring home from birthday parties? Yeah, I blame those memories for wanting a haul for my guests TONIGHT. And it might not be a person’s birthday, but it’s the eve of my second book’s birthday. London, Can You Wait? arrives tomorrow (October 26) and tonight invited guests are joining me downtown to celebrate its impending debut.


Okay, here we go!


Heading down to our venue, not only are we transporting 30 gift bags and decorations, but several boxes of books—both London, Can You Wait? and its accomplice, London Belongs to Me—and special cupcakes custom made for tonight. It’s going to be so much fun and I can’t wait to share how it all went with you! I hope at this book launch, I get to taste the food. Last year when we toasted London Belongs to Me, I missed out on everything except ice cream pots at the end (I was too busy talking, signing…it was so good to see so many people!). Wish me luck! I hope there’s a mini fish ‘n’ chips with my name on it!