Panic Attacks Don’t Make Me Weak …

Admitting that I have panic attacks doesn’t make me weak … it makes me strong.

Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day, a time to talk about mental health and end the stigma surrounding mental illness.

It took me a long time to admit to friends, to admit to the world that I’ve had panic attacks and suffered from anxiety on and off since I was a little kid. Writing London Belongs to Me, and living through Alex Sinclair’s panic attacks on the page, gave me the courage to tell my own story.

If you would like to read my piece for Psychology Today, please click here. It’s honest and embarrassing, but … I feel better for putting it out in the world. No more hiding. No more pretending. There’s freedom in coming clean.

We need to share our experiences. We need to release the fear that we’ll be judged. We need to realize that we are not alone. Let’s talk, not just today, but every day. I’m ready to start the conversation. Are you?