London Belongs…to You: Part Ten

Part Ten? Seriously?

Yep! I am SO flattered you guys love my book covers so much that you show off your photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s been fifteen months since London Belongs to Me came out in October 2016 and the photos just keep coming…there are over 300 photos (I have a ton I have yet to post) and the number keeps growing!


And now with the release of London, Can You Wait?, I have so many bee-u-tiful photos of its cover to add to the mix, too! So, from now on, my London Belongs…to You blog feature will include pix of both my books., and that’s all down to YOU. To thank you, I’m showcasing your photos on my blog and urging fellow book lovers to take note of your Instagram names at the top of the photos and head over to social media to give you all a follow because you’re awesome!

Apology time!

I am SO behind in organizing and posting all your photos and I’m so sorry! How behind? I’m talking months behind, but I am trying to right a wrong!

I sat down last week to email the photos to myself so I could download them into my laptop and my God…there are SO MANY. I had to do it in multiple sessions and I’m still doing it! So, in order to prevent a backlog that will haunt me forever, I’m going to start posting them in batches. The photos won’t appear in the order that they were originally posted, but they will all show up, I promise!

Stay posted for the next set of readers’ photos!

Thank you so much for reading my books and taking Alex and Mark (and Lucy, Freddie, Harry…) into your hearts. Without you, I wouldn’t have such pretty photos to adore.

Posting a photo of London Belongs to Me, or London, Can You Wait? Be sure to tag me, or include a #LondonBelongsToMe or #LondonCanYouWait hashtag so I can find it and share!

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