Woman’s Day Magazine & Until The Last Star Fades

It’s cool when your publicist sends your book out to media during launch in the hopes of getting press coverage, but it’s even better when the press just stumbles across your book and decides to feature it, no PR involvement necessary!

Woman’s Day magazine’s website picked up UNTIL THE LAST STAR FADES and chose one of Riley’s many mentions of how much she loves her mom, Maggie, for their article on mother-daughter quotes! My book quote is #2 in their slideshow. It’s been included along with quotes from Maya Angelou, authors Amy Tan and JoJo Moyes.

I think my mum would really like this—a lot. My sister and I were her entire world, and to see a quote I wrote—which was really written about her—featured by one of the magazines she enjoyed, would’ve made her smile. There’s also the added pinch-me moment of seeing Amy Tan mentioned. My mum loved THE JOY LUCK CLUB.

UNTIL THE LAST STAR FADES is a love story about Ben and Riley, but it’s also a love story between Riley and Maggie. Riley’s choices all come back to Maggie, and their story came straight from my heart.