The industry love for Leia and Tarquin keeps on coming! Following the Editor’s Pick from Publishers Weekly’s Booklife comes a STARRED REVIEW from the BlueInk Review, which is an esteemed partner of Booklist — the book-review magazine published by the American Library Association!

“As steamy as it is heart-warming, SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE is a globe-hopping contemporary romance that revolves around two lovers who struggle to put their time together behind them and move on.”

“The two main characters are deeply described and undeniably endearing…mental health issues are explored with the appropriate gravitas, and the theme of gratitude is strong throughout. Romance fans will be grateful they picked up this. novel. With SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE, Middleton has written a winner.”

Okay…I die…

If you want to read the full review, click here.

SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE releases in ebook and paperback on November 26. The ebook pre-order is open now (only $3.99 US for 400+ steamy yet heartfelt pages, and a free ticket to London, New York, and Scotland’s Orkney Islands). The paperbacks are GORGEOUS and will be available to purchase on release day.