Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye Is A Bestseller!

If you shop on Amazon, you might be familiar with those orange ‘bestseller’ flags that occasionally grace a book’s sales page. Well, SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE captured one…not once, but twice!

On my November 26 release day I was about to make dinner and checked Amazon US to see how SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE was doing—and there it was! An orange flag for #1 New Release for contemporary British and Irish literature —and best of all, it was for the paperback! My first EVER bestselling flag on Amazon! It stuck around for a few hours and then before I turned in for the night, it vanished. Ah, but it was exciting while it lasted. My first bestseller flag and on release day, too!

But then it happened again! Last night (Nov 27), same category, same gorgeous orange bestseller flag, but this time it stuck around overnight and into this morning. As I write this around 11:35am on November 28, the flag still highlights my book’s page! Now, I’m not kidding myself. I know it will vanish just as fast as it appeared, but it’s SO WONDERFUL to have my book be a bestseller on the US Amazon site!