Paperback Pre-orders Are Here!

UPDATE: I now have paperback pre-orders for the US AND Canada! Keep reading for the scoop.

I’ve teamed up with Love’s Sweet Arrow bookshop in the US *and* Happily Ever After Books in Canada to offer paperback + swag pre-orders for A SMILE IN A WHISPER!

Check out the graphic below for all the extras you’ll receive along with the book!

And yep, that puffin, seal, and Japanese spitz are part of the sticker set!

In the States? For more information and to place your order, visit Love’s Sweet Arrow. Quantities are limited! Reserve your copy now!

Live in Canada? I’ve got you! Happily Ever After Books is offering the same paperback + swag pre-order for Canadian readers! It includes all the same items as the Love’s Sweet Arrow pre-order, but in Canadian currency with Canadian shipping prices.

Now, if you’d prefer to pre-order the paperback WITHOUT swag, head on over to Barnes & Noble or (who supports indie bookstores), and you can pre-order just the paperback.

A Smile in a Whisper is also available to pre-order on eBook for a special pre-release price of only 99¢ for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Apple Books. Grab this steal right here. Pre-order the eBook today, and Evie & Nick’s story will automatically land on your reading device August 10th (FYI – pre-orders for the eBook don’t include swag).

A SMILE IN A WHISPER releases in ebook and paperback on August 10th! Are you ready to spend the summer in Scotland?