Kirkus Reviews LOVES London, Can You Wait

Today is a VERY happy Thanksgiving for me! Kirkus Reviews, the American book review magazine has read London, Can You Wait? and…THEY LOVED IT!


“Middleton has mastered chick lit…While the plot is driven by Alex’s love life, her career and personal growth (particularly her mental health) feature just as prominently. Alex’s friends…are fully fleshed out with arcs of their own. The settings are vibrant and detailed giving an accurate snapshot of life in cities like London, Dublin, and New York, complete with nods to the theatre scene and fandom culture. The narration is well-crafted, full of seemingly innocuous tidbits that later become significant, raunchy banter between friends, and the kind of sweet nothings that hopeless romantics die for. A winner for romance and chick lit fans as well as Anglophiles and geeks.”

I think that calls for extra chocolate cupcakes and pumpkin pie today!