It’s A Starred Review For Evie & Nick!

Another industry review arrived and…it’s a STARRED REVIEW from BlueInk Review, a partner of the American Library Association’s Booklist!

This review is the second starred industry review (the first being last week’s Editor’s Pick by Publishers Weekly Booklife), and oh my god, this one is just gorgeous!

Here’s an excerpt:

“…the dual timeline narrative moves with purpose, rejecting ornamental scenes for rich moments that shed light on inner conflicts and the dynamics between the main characters. The couple’s young romance crackles with breathless wonderment and is shaped by tenderness, and their journey to reconciliation in adulthood leads to a well-deserved happily ever after that showcases the power of forgiveness. Mental health struggles are depicted with realism and empathy; Nick’s experiences with panic attacks are portrayed without judgment; and Evie’s health issues are not written as examples of her weaknesses but rather demonstrate her inner strength and self-compassion. Romance fans will fall head over heels for this layered, second-chance love story that delivers frank emotional vulnerability, optimistic triumph, and all the feelings genre readers relish.”

I feel like Evie and Nick have been seen, you know? This review is amazing and totally gets the story! LOVE IT! Thank you, BlueInk Review! A SMILE IN A WHISPER releases in paperback and ebook on August 10.