Get Your Certainty Paperbacks Early !

The Certainty of Chance paperbacks are available EARLY!

A whole three weeks before the October 14th release date… and look, my secret wasn’t so secret. It’s already wearing an orange bestseller flag for new releases from Amazon’s US shop! Scroll down to see what I spotted this morning. 🙂

The Certainty of Chance also earned a STARRED INDUSTRY REVIEW! BlueInk Review, the indie partner of the American Library Association’s publication, Booklist, raved about Madeleine and Julian’s story!

“Middleton’s impressive descriptive skills are spotlighted throughout this narrative as she makes Christmas in London come alive on the pages… The real power, however, is in the author’s ability to create identifiable and emotionally connective characters who readers can’t help but root for. Madeleine and Julian, both struggling with loss in their lives as well as trying to find their place in the world, remind readers that where there is love there is always hope. Heartrending and heartwarming, this is an undeniably endearing romance, perfect to read over the holidays.”
— BlueInk Review, the indie partner of the American Library Association’s Booklist (STARRED REVIEW).

Want to buy the beautiful paperback early?

Here are the Amazon international links! You can also pre-order the ebook and have it appear on your device (Kindle, Kobo, Nook, or Apple Books) on October 14th.

I can’t wait for you to meet Madeleine and Julian, and I hope you fall in love with London at Christmas time!

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