Holiday Shopping Ideas for Your Fandom Friends

Are you having Christmas shopping panic?

I am. For some reason, I feel way behind this year. Usually I’m all about the carols, cards, and decorating the tree, but 2016 is different. I’m not feeling it yet. I forced myself to put up the tree last weekend, and my apartment is now boasting Santas, sparkly decorations and even the Bumble from the Rudolph Rankin/Bass Christmas special on every available surface. It’s all very pretty and festive, but I’m still feeling more Grinch than Buddy the Elf. And my shopping list is screaming for attention. My good friend Gabrielle informed me the other day that she is done. Yep. Every gift on her lists for both Christmas and Hanukkah have been purchased. I definitely need to up my game. So, I made a feeble start yesterday. I bought two gifts—for the two dogs in my life. That counts, right?


In order to kick my seasonal affective disorder—the holiday shopping edition—to the curb, I’ve been researching gifts that my fandom friends (both fictional and real) would enjoy. Just say, I’m making a ‘wish list’ for my characters in London Belongs to Me. What would Freddie freak out over? What would Lucy love? If you’ve got an Alex, Freddie, or Lucy on your shopping list, scroll through these gift ideas for inspiration. I hope it works … for me, too!

For the Lucy in your squad: Sherlock Apron (Jordandené)

No need to deduce! The geeky foodie with a slight Cumberbatch problem on your list will adore this cool apron from Jordandené. Extra bonus—it’s currently on sale for $25.

It’s no mystery … this apron is a great gift.

For the Freddie in your orbit: Titans Doctor Who Weeping Angel collectible (Forbidden Planet)

Got a friend who time and time again lords it over you about their collectible stash? Beat them at their own game with this not-so-festive angel from Titans Collectibles. Yep, it’s a larger version of the blind boxed vinyl figures that Freddie covets in LBTM. This 6.5 inch collectible is creepy and could scare young children, but it makes a nice change from all the sugary sweet cherubs and Santas populating your friends’ homes this time of the year.Don’t blink!

For the Mark in your gang: Red Scooter t-shirt (Café Press)

Vespa Rules, right? If you can’t afford an actual vintage red Vespa, this tee is the next best thing to show your scooter solidarity with Mark.Vroom vroom

For the Alex in your address book: We’re All Stories in the End tank (Jordandené) $25

Bloggers, fanfic aficionados, and writers will adore this gorgeous tank featuring this fan favourite quote from the Eleventh Doctor. This design from Jordendené is available in various colours, styles (tank and t-shirt), and sizes (yeah, unisex so everyone can enjoy). I adore this design and own two of my own.

We’re All Stories in the End

Need a few more ideas? Here you go! …

For the Tom Hiddleston fan: Hiddlespotting Pillow or Bag (Red Bubble)

I’m a sucker for Redscharlach’s designs on Red Bubble. If you adore Sherlock, Doctor Who, the Three Musketeers, or Poldark, she’s your go-to gal. Her work graces tees, stickers, notebooks, and pillows. Got a friend who’s TeamHiddles? You’re spoilt for choice here.

Take Hiddles with you—EVERYWHERE

For the Gilmore Girls geek: In Omnia Paratus tee (ColorfulGeekiness on Etsy)

Gather ‘round fellow #TeamLogan members! Be ‘ready for anything’ and wrap yourself in all the Life and Death Brigade feels with this tee from ColorfulGeekiness. Hello, Santa? Yeah, I’d really like to find this gem under my tree on the twenty-fifth. And Logan … thanks.

Does Logan come with?

Does Logan come with?

For the Outlander obsessive: The Making of Outlander—the Series: The Official Guide to Seasons 1 and 2 (Amazon)

Exclusive photos of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe on set, and behind-the-scenes? Enough said. This book is everything.

Because you can never have enough Jamie Fraser in your life

For the Harry Potter fan: Newt Scamander Funko Pop Vinyl (Barnes & Noble):

Make it a magical Christmas with the hottest Funko Pop Vinyl on the planet … Newt from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

For the Marvel maniac: Create Your Own Tee, Hat, Phone Case … (Marvel)

The Marvel universe is yours—literally! This excellent site allows you to custom create that special Marvel-themed gift to a tee (or a hoodie, mug, mousepad … lamp!)

And while you’re at it, how about giving the gift of London? My debut novel, London Belongs to Me, with its story of friendship, fandom, and finding where you belong, is available now. Happy shopping … and happy holidays!!