Book Signing: The Orcadian Bookshop

I am super excited to announce that my first signing for A SMILE IN A WHISPER will be where my second chance, summer romance unfolds…in ORKNEY!

I’m bringing Evie and Nick home to Kirkwall, home to Scotland on Saturday, July 22nd!

From 10:30am to 12:30pm, I’ll be signing paperbacks at The Orcadian Bookshop at 14 Albert Street in Kirkwall.

All signings are special, but this one is a bucket list dream come true! I adore The Orcadian Bookshop (my crowded shelves are proof of that) and I cannot wait to sign there. This event happens before my official release on August 10th, and I couldn’t be happier, sharing my book with Orcadians first! If you’re in Orkney that morning, please stop by! x