A Smile In A Whisper

Music and writing go hand in hand for me. When I started working on A Smile in a Whisper, I was repeat-listening to several songs that felt like Evie and Nick. That playlist grew from a few songs until I had six individual playlists! Eventually, I edited down the novel and the playlists. Okay, yeah, I […]

ICYMI: Virtual Book Chat With Author Rachel Mcmillan

If you missed my live event with author and all around lovely person, Rachel McMillan, you can watch our discussion now (or whenever you fancy it. Gotta love modern technology). I had the most amazing time and can’t wait for the day when I get to meet Rachel in person.To delve into our talk about […]

The Certainty Of Chance

If you’ve read The Certainty of Chance, you’ll know how important music is to Madeleine and Julian, so it seems to fitting to have several playlists for the story including Madeleine’s ‘More Meh Than Merry’ playlist. However, this one is the main playlist with songs that inspired the story along with songs that appear on the page. […]

ICYMI: Virtual Chat for Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye

On Friday, December 4, I had the pleasure of discussing SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE with Jessica Buck of the Escondido Public Library. I had so much fun talking about writing, chocolate, and Leia & Tarquin! To watch the video, click here. Huge thank you to Jess, the Escondido Library, and the Ripped Bodice bookstore who sponsored […]

The Certainty Of Chance – Madeleine’s playlist from the book!

Madeleine Joy in The Certainty of Chance is feeling more meh than merry…and she made a special playlist within the book to reflect that! Let’s face it. Not everyone is happy or excited when December rolls around. If you’re not really feeling the holiday season, this playlist is for you. Enjoy. x

Say Hello, Kiss Goodbye Playlist

SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE – the playlist! The songs featured here either inspired my novel or appear in the story. Yep, Leia’s favourites, the Spice Girls are in here! And there’s a touch of Oasis for Tarquin. Enjoy!

Writing Processes, Romance, Pop Culture & More!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve probably seen the super cute customized pencils I ordered for my SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE gift boxes. I actually ordered two different designs: the first with my book’s tag like WILL HER FLING BECOME HIS FOREVER? along with the title SAY HELLO, KISS GOODBYE, and the […]

Authors Celebrating Authors: Karma Brown

Nothing gets me more excited than to hear that one of my must-buy authors has a new book coming out. I count the days down, giddy for what’s in store, plan my reading schedule so I can dive in to the new novel right away…Karma Brown is one of these authors for me. I’ve never […]

Authors Celebrating Authors: Christina Lauren

Hello, fellow authors and book worms! You know those books…the reads that give you goosebumps, make you cry, laugh…and fall into the depths of despair, only to be lifted up on a huge high when you read the final page? Oh, my goodness, that was me with LOVE AND OTHER WORDS, the latest bestselling release […]