Beat the Blahs Winter Giveaway

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Ugh, winter!

If you’re like me, you’re already tired of freezing temperatures and never ending snow. All I want to do is hide inside and read, but then my dog wants out and the labour intensive job of dressing to go out takes me forever. But for the moments when I can stay indoors all comfy cozy, I want a good book by my side, and I bet you do, too!

So, I want to help you out with that!

I’m giving away one signed copy of my new contemporary romance, London, Can You Wait? along with a set of my exclusive LBTM/LCYW bookmarks, plus a $50 US Amazon gift card so you can purchase even more books.

To enter, head over to my Instagram page and find this photo. All the entry details are there! Good luck!

UPDATE: The winner is Karlie from the US!

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