A Smile In A Whisper

Music and writing go hand in hand for me. When I started working on A Smile in a Whisper, I was repeat-listening to several songs that felt like Evie and Nick. That playlist grew from a few songs until I had six individual playlists!

Eventually, I edited down the novel and the playlists. Okay, yeah, I still have three of them, but I’ll share the best one with you! Unfortunately, several of the songs which I feel are integral to the playlist and my inspiration don’t exist on Spotify, so I can’t include them here. However, if you want to hear their loveliness, try tracking down “Summer Song” by Sarah Cracknell, “Elevator Song” by Dubstar, and “I Lost a Friend” also by Dubstar. They’re worth the hunt.

Also, the song Torquil Campbell from STARS wrote and recorded for me is also missing from this Spotify playlist. I’m the sole owner of the song called “Smile When We Whisper”, so it’s not available for purchase or on any streaming service. I’m the only one who can share it, so I have to figure out an easy way to do that. Stay tuned! I am determined to make this work! x